From planning to implementation

Umbriafrip works with public bodies for the collection of original material from clothing banks and with the private market for the sale of used clothes by weight. By playing an important role as a link between the origin of the supply chain and the distribution subjects, Umbriafrip guarantees an efficient service that meets the needs of all the players in the reuse line. Here is how our work is organised and what services we offer.


The project is the starting point of our business: where the relationship with our customers starts. We accurately plan the collection service on behalf of the local authorities as well as the supply of second-hand clothes, aiming to fully meet the expressed requirements.


As part of the waste collection and recycling processes, on behalf of public authorities we collect used clothes from clothing banks, either through our network of containers, or through collaboration with other companies entrusted with the collection of original material from clothing banks.


We formulate our services and financial offers for the private sector and public tenders. We develop all our offers according to the expressed requirements and an in-depth feasibility analysis of the project. …… …….. …….. ………. ………….. ………….. ………… ………..


The used material is prepared in our operational headquarters, in view of the distribution on the market. We carefully carry out the sanitation (where required) and storage operations before selling the second-hand clothing by weight to companies operating in Italy and abroad.

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